The Stellae consultancy team offer institutions of higher education and colleges of further education expert advice on timetabling and space management. Our unique software has been developed with British government support and its success has ensured that it bears Crown copyright.

Stellae Edinburgh's Telford College, City of Westminster College, Queen Margaret University

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Stellae is an approved consultancy, and its advice is compatible with the very latest guidelines for the sectors. Institutions may contact us confident of our proven ability to provide them and their lead consultants with specialist support.

David Rogers, a former university academic and the principal consultant, has worked with further and higher education institutions for more than thirty years. He assisted Peter Messer in developing the first automatic scheduling system in the world. Efficient timetables enable institutions to provide high quality courses at costs that ensure financial viability.

Steve Scott, the Director of Campus and Commercial Services at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh confirmed the effectiveness of the work undertaken by Stellae at his institution:

‘Stellae helped Queen Margaret University to save millions of pounds on its campus development through comprehensive estate modelling and adoption of new timetabling procedures. I have no hesitation in recommending David Rogers and his consultancy team to organisations that need to better control their space.’
Stellae Edinburgh's Telford College, City of Westminster College, Queen Margaret University

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The consultancy team has extensive experience of teaching and management in further and higher education. This enables the adoption of a curriculum led approach to the preparation of property strategies, feasibility studies and capital plans.

The adaptation, extension or replacement of part or all of a college or university estate is a mission critical process. The flexible space modelling systems, developed in association with the various funding agencies, minimise the risks associated with implementing property strategies. Proposed teaching and learning facilities can be linked to workable timetables and target space efficiency levels.

George Edwards MBE, who has served as a senior property advisor for further and higher education funding councils, testifies to the financial savings generated by the Stellae software programme:

‘The system ... has saved millions of pounds through the incorporation of results in estate strategies. This is not a theory, that is what has happened ... I have no doubt in recommending David Rogers and Stellae and his analytical techniques to potential clients.’

There are forty documents covering the key issues relating to timetabling and space planning, within the Discussion Papers section of the website. These PDF documents are printable by users who have completed our free registration.

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