The following interactive simulation of space modelling illustrates our ability to revise and define teaching rooms on the basis of feasible room timetables. The demonstration offers options to remove an existing building, an existing campus or define timetabled rooms for a new estate on the basis of a fixed set of data.

The modelling of an actual property scenario would take into account changes in course provision, student enrolments and teaching methods using all types of teaching facility. The dynamic relationship between methods of course delivery and required teaching space means it is prudent that the modelling process takes into account the impact of future learning strategies.

There is a proven method for calculating the justified gross internal areas and capacities of colleges and universities. Once property strategies are completed, however, many institutions report it is not possible to:

Such problems can jeopardise an educational mission and threaten financial viability. There are two principal reasons for these difficulties.

Stellae has the proven expertise to define teaching and learning facilities on the basis of feasible timetables and space utilisation levels. It is an approach that:

The comprehensive nature of the space modelling process enables the future proofing of new and renovated buildings.