Consultancy is available to assist all aspects of timetabling and the use of space resources.

It is possible to:

  • support the preparation of strategic curriculum plans relevant to the needs of students, staff, researchers and their communities;
  • organise space utilisation surveys designed to establish a basis for the objective assessment of space needs;
  • assist senior management teams preparing strategic development plans and the introduction of new space management systems;
  • provide an independent evaluation of available timetabling software on the basis of management procedures and requirements;
  • promote the more efficient use of teaching accommodation on the basis of timetabling strategies of proven effectiveness;
  • advise curriculum managers developing modular programmes and seeking to reconcile extensive student choice and flexible course provision with the efficient use of resources;
  • calculate course costs as a basis for establishing a financial profile of the curriculum and its viability;
  • co-ordinate staff development support to facilitate the design and operation of cost effective student study programmes.

The consultancy has extensive experience of collaborating with leading property and financial advisors and architects operating in the further and higher education sectors.

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